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Do you love wildlife?

Do you know how capable our canine friends are when tasked and trained to protect wildlife?

Do you dream of one day making the trip to Africa to see a pride of lions hunting, or to watch a herd of elephants roaming the savanna?

Do you think it is unconscionable that animals are poached to make carved trinkets and to concoct potions falsely promising cures for ailments?

Can you do more to help us reach our goal?

We certainly would love for you to contribute to the campaign.

We could also use the help spreading the word about our project.

Would you like to be a ProjectThorn Ambassador and commit to help us raise funds? Whether you think you can help raise $50, $500, or $5,000 – every bit helps reach the $20,000 we need to raise to fund the ConservationK9 Project.
Truly though, what really matters is that you care, and you care enough to tell people that you care, and you care enough to ask for their help because this is important.

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What we really need is for more people to care.

Please consider making a donation to our next anti-poaching project.