Photo: Anke Kruger, K9 Conservation Ranger

ConservationK9 – The Budget

What will it cost to establish an effective Canine Anti-Poaching Patrol to protect the wildlife that live on 80,000 acres?

Goals, Needs, and What Your Money will Buy

Base Goal – $20K

  • 1 Patrol Canine (Shepherd, Malinois)
  • 1 Conservation Canine (Weimaraner or similar breed)
  • Canine Training – extensive anti-poaching training
  • Ranger/Handler Training (1 handler for each dog)
  • Assessment and Certification of the Canines and the Handlers by an independent assessor
  • Vet care and Food for 1 year
  • Vehicle Travel Crates
  • General Equipment (Broad collars, leads, harnesses, grooming kits, Canine First Aid kits, Handler packs)
  • Specialized Equipment (2 Garmin GPS Canine Collars and Receivers)
  • Predator-safe Kennels for the reserves
  • Transportation

Stretch Goal – $34K

  • 1 Cold Scent Canine (Bloodhound or similar breed)
  • Night Vision Equipment
  • Additional Trained Ranger/Handler (1 handler for each dog)
  • Additional Assessment and Certification of the Hound and the Handler
  • Vet care and Food for 1 year
  • Additional set of all equipment
  • Second year of Vet Care and Food for all 3 Canines