Photo and artwork credit: Anke Kruger, K9 Conservation

Help place 2 Anti-Poaching Canines
in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

The canines will serve multiple reserves covering an area of 33,000 hectares (over 80,000 acres).
The territory protects 120 endangered White Rhino and 25 critically endangered Black Rhino. Learn More>>

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Trigger warning – The video contains graphic imagery. It is horrific but it is the reality of rhino poaching.

Interviews with Anke Kruger and Conraad de Rosner of K9 Conservation conducted by Monique Vek, M.T.M.B. Productions.
Rhino footage by Paul Mills, EarthTouch, and Karrie Hovey.


Thank you donors - You made this happen.

Thank you to the many donors that contributed to the Hornucopia Campaign.

The horses have been a tremendous success at iMfolozi.
They are on patrol daily in the bush helping to protect the wildlife from poachers.

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The horses we placed in iMfolozi feature prominently in the South African County Life article on the use of horse patrols. Read the article >>