Why are the Horses important?

Patrols Prevent Poaching

Horses are the most effective and safe means of patrolling remote areas of the park.

Horses would be used for 3 major tasks:

Law Enforcement Patrols
• Horse Patrols add another dimension to law enforcement at iMfolozi.
• Horses can be used for day patrols, extended patrols and clandestine patrols.
• The greater coverage will improve ground surveillance within the wilderness area.
• In a single day, half of the Makhamisa Border can be checked for incursion points.
• Horses will be used on extended patrols into the wilderness to known poaching hotspots.
• Horses camouflage human signs, allowing rangers to move undetected.
• Horse mounted rangers will not desensitize rhino to humans with guns who could be poachers.
• Used in conjunction with tracking dogs, horses allow for rapid response to poaching sites.

Fenceline Monitoring
• Patrol the perimeter fence to detect breaches and inspect for maintenance.

Ecological Monitoring
• The greater coverage will improve ecological monitoring and data collection.
• Horses mask the scent and shape of humans allowing closer observation of the animals.
(This will greatly improve the monitoring of the illusive and critically endangered Black Rhino.)