We have worked hard and accomplished a lot. Our horses are on patrol with the Rangers at iMfolozi helping to protect the rhino population in the park. Ultimately education is the answer to eliminating the demand for Rhino horn but to do that we need to first make sure there are still rhinos to be saved.

Below are a few other things we have been working on and a few groups we have worked with.

Help one species, you help them all.

K9 Conservation trains canines to work in wildlife conservation. What an experience it was to go on an anti-poaching patrol and tracking training sessions with these dogs! The only word that can describe how well trained these dogs were at following a scent is phenomenal.

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they are also the best friend of rhino and pangolin. And may just be the best weapon we have to prevent poaching.

Help one species, you help them all.

2019 began with a 2-month volunteer position in Central Kalahari with Cheetah Conservation Botswana. It was inspiring to work with a successful conservation organization that is having a positive impact on the cheetah population through education, outreach and community involvement.

In July 2018, Karrie began a guide training program in South Africa to gain a greater understanding of the complexity of life in the bush and the social and ecological stressors that African wildlife face.

Ulovane Environmental Training is located on Amakhala Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape.

April 2016, we participated at the Mill Valley, Earth Day, Marin Parks and Recreation event sharing information with the public about rhino poaching. We gave the children the opportunity to be creative and share their ideas of how and why we should save rhinos.

In 2015 (as 3RingCircus before we were ProjectThorn) we raised funds to sponsor the RhinoArt Project in 8 community schools in South Africa. RhinoArt is a great program and they do incredible work educating school aged children about the importance of the rhino. Learn More